• Rahul Kulkarni

    Rahul Kulkarni

    USAID ASSIST Project, Kampala, Uganda

    I commit to advocating for basic human rights, educating both my peers and the next generation of males on the role of gender, and empowering those already affected to leverage current resources and find personal balance.

  • Rajat Banerjee

    Rajat Banerjee

    Washington, DC

    I pledge to respect the women in my life as equals, and to speak out against violence against women wherever it occurs.

  • Alkesh Shah

    Acton, MA

    I promise to take a stand and never commit, condone, or remain silent about any form of domestic violence, sexual assault, or abuse against women, men and children.

  • Manish Patel

    Manish Patel

    Cambridge, MA

    I pledge to raise awareness about intimate partner violence and spread the word that it is happening today in our society and that we need to put an end to it!

  • Saatvik Ahluwalia

    Lexington, MA

    I promise as a man that I will stand up to DV wherever it is present and that as a leader I will advocate on the behalf of the abused.

  • Kasthuri Gopalaratnam

    Acton, MA

    Having been brought up by a single mother, I absolutely abhor any violence against women. It is the duty of every man (and woman) to protest such actions and bring an end to them.

  • Nagendra Bhaneri

    Manchester, NH

    I strongly support equal rights for all- including women, children and senior citizens, and I am against any kind of violence including domestic and otherwise.

  • Ramesh Advani, Boston, MA

    Ramesh Advani, Boston, MA

    Indian American Community Leader, Saheli Advisory Board, Former Selectman & Asian American Commissioner, Indian American Mass Forum Chapter President

    From this day forward, I pledge to be part of the solution to end domestic violence against women and men. To this end, I will lead all men who wish to be part of the solution here in New England where I live.


Men who’ve made pledges so far: 176! Check out who’s pledged here.


Make Your Pledge Now!Make Your Pledge Now!I commit to ending violence against women by…


Saheli’s Men Against Violence Program

breakthrough logo

Saheli is excited to announce our partnership with Breakthrough’s award-winning Bell Bajao CampaignPlease join with Saheli to educate yourself, speak out, and to reject violence when overheard, witnessed or condoned. Make a pledge or attend one of our Men Against Violence Events!

Bell Bajao, (Ring The Bell) calls on men and boys around the world to take a stand and make a promise to act to end violence against women. Breakthrough’s Bell Bajao is a cultural and media campaign that calls on men and boys to take a stand against domestic violence.

Bell Bajao’s award-winning series of public service announcements has been viewed by over 130 million people. The announcements, inspired by true stories, showed men and boys stepping up and ringing the doorbell to interrupt overheard domestic violence in their buildings, neighborhoods and communities.

Saheli is proud to partner on the Bell Bajao Campaign because women worldwide experience violence at the hands of their intimate partners everyday.

Bell-Bajao-LogoIn the United States,

  • There are more than 2 million injuries from intimate partner violence each year[i]
  • More than three women a day are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends each year[ii]
  • 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner[iii]
  • One in 4 women have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner, while 1 in 7 men have experienced the same.[iv]
  • Approximately 15.5 million children in the U.S. were exposed to domestic violence in their homes last year.[v]

The South Asian community, including you, your family and children, is not immune; you can lend your voice to address this serious problem.

Saheli seeks the help of men to engage in projects and events year round that require men to speak to other men and youth, sign pledges to promote women’s security, and to serve as role models for boys. We are also working in partnership with the organization Jane Doe Inc.’s White Ribbon Day Campaign to end violence in the Massachusetts area.

If you would like to be involved with these projects we welcome you as a volunteer. Please write to info@saheliboston.org


Click here to download a presentation about Saheli’s Men Against Violence Program


Why should men care about violence against women?

Because men can stop violence: For violence against women to stop, men who are violent must be empowered to make different choices. Every time a man’s voice joins those women in speaking out against violence, the world becomes safer for us all.

Because men listen to men: Men are more likely to listen to other men when it comes to the perpetration of domestic violence. Boys and young men look to their fathers and mentors for an example and can be taught that strong men respect women.

Because domestic violence is NOT a women’s issue: Family violence affects everyone: men, women, girls and boys, but it stems from sexist attitudes and behaviors. To stop violence, both men and women must work toward changing cultural norms and holding violators accountable.

Because violence costs: Domestic violence has huge socio-economic costs at both the household and community level. Violence causes loss of income, decreased productivity in the workplace and costs billions of dollars for healthcare, housing and social and legal services.

Because men work with survivors: Men are an integral part of the community that supports and interacts with families dealing with violence. They are the majority of judges, police officers, and doctors who work with families in crisis.

Because men know survivors: They are neighbors, friends, and family members of women suffering from violence. At some point in most men’s lives, someone close to them will ask for help. Men must be prepared to respond with care, compassion and understanding.

(Source: Bell Bajao Campaign)


 176 men have pledged to reject violence against women already!
Help us get to our goal of 300 by December 30, 2014

  1. Alkesh Shah, Acton, MA
  2. Rajat Banerjee, Washington, DC
  3. Kasthuri Gopalaratnam, Acton, MA
  4. Sri Krishna, Acton, MA
  5. Venkata Chaparala, Andover, MA
  6. Somnath Mukherji, Arlington, MA
  7. Siva Kandukuri, Billerica, MA
  8. Ramesh Advani, Boston, MA
  9. Sham Manghnani, Burlington, MA
  10. Ram Voruganti, Burlington, MA
  11. Anil Saigal, Burlington, MA
  12. Manish Patel, Cambridge, MA
  13. Gope Gidwani, Canton, MA
  14. Ravi Arona, Concord, MA
  15. Vikram Udeshi, Framingham, MA
  16. Saatvik Ahluwalia, Lexington, MA
  17. Sanjay Kudrimoti, Lynnfield, MA
  18. Nagendra Bhaneri, Manchester, NH
  19. Naresh Agarwal, Milton, MA
  20. Ravi Kumar, N. Andover, MA
  21. Sarojit Malik, Norfolk, MA
  22. Tushar Gade, North Chelmsford, MA
  23. Ramakrishna Penumarthy, S. Easton, MA
  24. Kris Mishra, Southborough, MA
  25. Rajendra Trivedi, Stoneham, MA
  26. Shraman Adhikary, Stow, MA
  27. Sugunake Kapparapo, Tyngsboro, MA
  28. Sanjay Thakkar, Tyngsboro, MA
  29. Amjad Khan, Waltham, MA
  30. Sridhar, Pena, Westford, MA
  31. Phanendra Yalamanchili, Westford, MA
  32. Anish Khanzode, Winchester, MA
  33. Sameer Chakraborty, Nashua, NH
  34. Debashish Ghosh Dastidar, Weymouth, MA
  35. Tandon Pradeep, Norfolk, MA
  36. Haresh Mehta, Methuen, MA
  37. Jayanti Patel, Lexington, MA
  38. Harish Dang, Lexington, MA
  39. Naveen Shetty, Dracut, MA
  40. K Raman, West Hartford, CT
  41. Zahir S Mandviwala, Andover, MA
  42. Murtaza Doctor, Andover, MA
  43. Sajid Sahibzada, Washington, DC
  44. Srirup Kumar, Seattle, WA
  45. Ronobir Mallick, Cleveland, OH
  46. Gourab De, San Francisco, CA
  47. Jason Bhardwaj, Boston, MA
  48. Ramnath Subbaraman, Boston, MA
  49. Anupam Raychaudhuri, Washington, DC
  50. Sanjay Hingorani, Johns Creek, GA
  51. Sushil Trivedi, New York, NY
  52. Achman Tubett, Dublin, Ireland
  53. Yadav Bhattarai, Kathmandu, Nepal
  54. Kamal Jethwani, Boston, MA
  55. Haobam Ishwarchandra Singh, Imphal, Manipur, India
  56. Malik Ahmad Khan, Oxford, UK
  57. Rahul Kulkarni, Kampala, Uganda
  58. Muntasir Mamun, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  59. Deepak Shrivastava, New York, NY
  60. Vikram Paul, Miami, FL
  61. Rahul Bhansali, New York, NY
  62. Neil Sarkar, Shelburne, VT
  63. Chirag Patel, Nashua, NH
  64. Vishal Prakash, Nashua, NH
  65. Bikramjit Dutta, Nashua, NH
  66. Tej Dhakar, Manchester, NH
  67. Santharam Yadati, Bedford, NH
  68. Prasad Chivukula, Wakefield, MA
  69. Shinil Das, Nashua, NH
  70. Sunil Pillai, Nashua, NH
  71. Surender Korandla, Nashua, NH
  72. Rajesh Palakkal, Groton, MA
  73. Srinivas Kappala, Nashua, NH
  74. Madhu  Sanapala, Scarborough, ME
  75. Raj Vel, Westford, MA
  76. Nanda Katikaneni, Nashua, NH
  77. Sunil Kotagiri, Westford, MA
  78. Bhavesh Parekh, Nashua, MA
  79. Prasad Bachiraju, Nashua, NH
  80. Sankar Andover, MA
  81. Amit, Rastogi, Concord, NH
  82. Sundar Sivaraman, Hopkinton, MA
  83. Amarnath Revoori, Sharon, MA
  84. Srinivasulu Madararu, Augusta, ME
  85. Abhay Agarwal, Nashua, NH
  86. Sachin Dave, Nashua, NH
  87. Arshad Rashid, Rutland, VT
  88. Sanjay Dua, Concord, NH
  89. Ubaldo Mendes, Westford, MA
  90. Sastry, Westford, MA
  91. Meyyappan Meyyappan, Tyngsboro, MA
  92. Pradeep Vasuderan, Ashland, MA
  93. Rutvik Turikere, North Andover, MA
  94. Sanjay Narahan, Hopkinton, MA
  95. Sanjay Kattimani, Waltham, MA
  96. Ganeshan, Waltham, MA
  97. Shashidhar Kodamballi, Natick, MA
  98. Manjunatha Havaldhar, Quincy, MA
  99. Vijay Kalakonnarvar, Boston, MA
  100. Raga Kinnigoly, Sharon, MA
  101. Ananda Murthy, Sharon, MA
  102. Shivashankar, Shrewsbury, MA
  103. Srini Ambal, Ashland, MA
  104. Harish B.S., Westborough, MA
  105. Sanjay Gowda, Chelmsford, MA
  106. Ankith A, Sharon, MA
  107. Ranganath Kharidi, Attleboro, MA
  108. Vijay Hosahalli, Boxboro, MA
  109. Raghu Nandan, Westborough, MA
  110. Rajanna Heggadahalli, Southborough, MA
  111. Khuzema Safri, Andover, MA
  112. Abhijit Das, N. Andover, MA
  113. Raj Pabla, Lexington, MA
  114. Ajit Sabnis, Westford, MA
  115. Siddhesh Sawant, Boston, MA
  116. Ram Chelakara, Burlington, MA
  117. Kris  Gidwani, Canton, MA
  118. Ajay Jain, Westborough, MA
  119. Dinesh Patel Lexington MA
  120. Jatinder Vij Rehoboth MA
  121. Paramesh Garimella Lexington MA
  122. Satish Khakhar Westborough MA
  123. Parikshit Mittal Framingham MA
  124. Arif Moriya Burlington MA
  125. Anil  Shukla Lexington MA
  126. Gaurav Batra Westborough MA
  127. Jitendra Kataria Grafton MA
  128. Niraj Jetly Shrewsbury MA
  129. Hamsukh Shah Andover MA
  130. Krishna Gazula Lexington MA
  131. Govind Vakil  Hingham MA
  132. Piyush Mahurkar Shrewsbury MA
  133. Kumar Bavaraj Westborough MA
  134. Srikanta Kumar Westborough MA
  135. Pradep Hassan Andover MA
  136. R. Balachandra Needham MA
  137. Girish S. Chelmsford MA
  138. Deepak Anand Framingham MA
  139. Deepak HC Framingham MA
  140. Santosh Cholraju Boston MA
  141. Shivaprasad Kulkarni Ashland MA
  142. Neel Shanaraj Merrimack NH
  143. Raj Bhusnurmath Woburn MA
  144. Nikhil Kulkarni Framingham MA
  145. Abilash Nagaraju Marlborough MA
  146. Amita Kamath Framingham MA
  147. Siddharth Tamagond Bijapur India
  148. Sanganna Yabannavar Sharon MA
  149. N.B. Patil Ashland MA
  150. Praveen Mandra Nashua NH
  151. Srinath KN Norwood MA
  152. Mohan Achar Westborough MA
  153. Kiran Adkah Sharon MA
  154. Venkatesh Thirumale Saugus MA
  155. G. Vrushabhendra Nashua NH
  156. Amaresh RM Westborough MA
  157. Varavani Dwarki Southborough MA
  158. Subramanya Hegde Shrewsbury MA
  159. Amit Kumar, Framingham, MA
  160. Paul Muzhuthett, Tewksbury, MA
  161. Rohit Chandra, Brookline, MA
  162. Naveen Tumula, Woburn, MA
  163. Gajanan Arkshali, Westford, MA
  164. Kris Konkarea, Nashua, NH
  165. Shreyas Dammata, Attleboro, MA
  166. Praful R. Patel, Methuen, MA
  167. Aravindan Ganesh, Raleigh, NC
  168. Shanto Ghosh, Boston, MA
  169. Vidya Prakash, Shrewsbury, MA
  170. Yogish Gopala, Natick, MA
  171. Dyuti Majumdar, Cambridge, MA
  172. Jay Sanyal, Hanover, NH
  173. Sanjay Gowda, Chelmsford, MA
  174. Alok K. Suman, Shrewsbury, MA
  175. Satish M, Chelmsford, MA
  176. Surendar Rao Madadi, South Grafton, MA

Make Your Pledge Now!Make Your Pledge Now!I commit to ending violence against women by…


Men Against Violence Events

Past Events:

  • jane doe logoSahelis spoke to youth at Emmanuel College and Boston College, October 2013
  • Saheli Intern Sadia Arshad led a workshop to speak out against violence at the New England Conference for Women, Boston University, November 16, 2013
  • Saheli organized a pledge signing campaign for men at India Association of Greater Boston’s Republic Day Celebration, Burlington High School, February 1, 2014.
  • Saheli partnered with Jane Doe. Inc’s White Ribbon Day Campaign in February 2014
  • Seminar & Discussion: Family & Relationship Issues, Sponsored by the India Association of New Hampshire, Bedford High School, 47 Nashua Road, Bedford NH. 9 to 10 AM
  • Saheli Men Against Violence Initiative Presentation & Pledge Drive. As part of the Mandaara New England Kannada Koota’s Grand Ugadi Celebrations at the Keefe Technical High School in Framingham, MA 3-9 PM, 3 May 2014
  • 2015 MAV strategy & project planning session with community leaders  16 Nov 2014

Upcoming Event:

What: SAHELI Men Against Violence Awareness Raising chat
Where: Corporate Cricket League Match in Quincy, MA
Location: 56  Bicknell Street grounds, Quincy MA
When: 12.30 PM August 15, 2015