Parenting Resources from Dr. Rohit Chandra’s Talk on Raising South Asian Children

Author: Gouri Banerjee

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At the launch of the Saheli Acton South Asian Women’s Outreach, Dr. Rohit Chandra was Saheli’s invited speaker who did a talk on “The Challenges of Raising South Asian Children.” Dr. Chandra is a child psychiatrist at Mass General Hospital- Chelsea and instructor at Harvard Medical School. Twenty-eight Acton fathers and mothers participated in the lively discussion about raising their children. Dr. Chandra wants to thank the parents and community members who spent their valuable time attending and contributing their thoughts and experiences during the talk.


As promised, here are the resources provided by Dr. Chandra:

Parenting (general):
Book: The Price of Privilege by Dr. Madeline Levine (2006). This thoughtful, nuanced book outlines a societal trend of high stress levels and unhappiness in upper middle-class kids and teens, often because of academic pressures and disconnection from their parents. Dr. Suniya Luthar’s work on upper middle-class children is described in this book.

Book: How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish (2006). This book has excellent cartoons depicting what language seems to work best in getting through to teens when doing active listening. Written by proteges of a sensible parenting expert from the 1960s, Dr. Haim Ginott.

Navigating Social Media:

Book: Screen-Smart Parenting by Dr. Jodi Gold (2015). An excellent, almost definitive book. She recommends creating a family technology plan, and has several practical tips regarding screen time and overall limit-setting
Website: Common Sense Media has useful answers for many questions parents tend to have, in this particular section on parenting concerns. The website’s founder, James Steyer, also has a book called Talking Back to Facebook (2012), which is quite good and features developmentally-appropriate strategies for parents.


Recognizing Signs of Stress in Your Teen:

Booklet: Lexington’s Red Flags and Resources is a booklet adapted for their school district featuring tips on recognizing stress, depression and anxiety in one’s teenagers. It can be found here. Pages 34-41 of this booklet are probably most helpful for our community.


Academic Pressure:

Article: Lastly, this is the solid New York Times article about a New Jersey school district which tried to bring down the stress levels of its high-achieving youth.


Dr. Chandra will be presenting part two of this presentation sometime next year.

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