Saheli is a proud partner of Team Aid

Author: Priyadersini Murali

Categories: Event

Saheli is excited to announce its partnership with Team Aid Inc. Team Aid’s mission is to offer comfort and support to victims and families affected by tragic and life-altering incidents. They have a strong and connected network of experienced volunteers to provide much needed assistance when the need is at its greatest. They also support victims’ families back in the home countries, often bridging the distances which separate loved ones.

They have learned through experience, the devastating effects of natural disasters, accidents or sudden illness. Their volunteers offer comfort to those affected in a myriad of ways which include, but are not limited to sitting at bedsides in hospitals, driving to collect important papers, dealing with administrations or consulates and to take the necessary actions that would ease the stress and trauma of often unexpected events.

Saheli is certain that this partnership will pave a way towards offering many more vital services to the South Asian community. To know more about Team Aid, please visit their website at

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