How Parents Can Connect With Kids In The Digital Age – Parenting Workshop

  • 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
  • Burlington Public Library - 22 Sears St, Burlington, MA 0180
  • (781) 270-1690

Connecting with your kids in the digital age can be challenging yet full of opportunities. Saheli is conducting a workshop on “How can parents connect with kids in the digital age?”

Come join us to share your perspective, meet other parents, and learn new strategies to (re)connect with your children and help them be successful.
This workshop is conducted by Uma Millner. To register, email us at :

Uma Chandrika Millner, Ph.D. is a South Asian psychologist and a professor at Lesley University. She is also a full-time mom. She has many years of counseling South Asian individuals and families and is very interested in learning about how South Asian families maintain relationships at a time when social media presence is very important.

Light snack will be served.