Become a University Ambassador

The Saheli Ambassadorship is a low time commitment opportunity to get involved with promoting Saheli’s mission statement at your college or university. Being an Ambassador enables you to plan and implement workshops on the topics of mental health and healthy relationships at your college or university. While Saheli will provide experts to lead the workshops, as an Ambassador you will be tasked with helping make a workshop successful.

The responsibilities will include:

  • Connecting Saheli with South Asian related organizations on campus which are interested in co-hosting a workshop
  • Helping book space, along with the co-hosting organization or organizations, for the workshop to be held
  • Promote the workshop widely on social media and be responsible for keeping a record of a list of students who plan to attend the workshop.

In the past, Saheli has worked in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts Amherst to hold a workshop on both healthy relationships and mental health followed by dinner. This workshop was co-hosted by UMass’s South Asian Student Association, UMass Kappa Phi Gamma, UMass Delta Kappa Delta, and UMass Beta Chi Theta.

There is no limit to how many organizations can cohost and Saheli has found that when there are more organizations co-hosting there is a higher student turnout. Saheli will supply pens, large sticky note paper, small sticky notes, and markers for activities during the interactive portion of workshops. However, Saheli cannot provide food and beverages for workshops, therefore, co-hosting organizations are responsible for providing refreshments if desired. Ambassadors will also be tasked with promoting Saheli and their services on their social media accounts.

Due to COVID-19, Saheli will be hosting workshops online via Zoom. Additionally, due to limited resources and time constraints, Saheli may require colleges and universities to collaborate with each other