Youth Engagement

Saheli’s Youth Engagement Program (SYEP) is a space for South Asian youth to come together and engage with each other on issues that connect them. The SYEP includes the Youth Leadership Fellowship for high school students, and the Saheli University Ambassadorship and Internship programs for college students.

Become a Saheli Youth Fellow

The Saheli Youth Leadership Fellowship is a year-long opportunity that provides high school students with the capacity to engage with a diverse range of South Asian issues. Youth Fellows will get the chance to attend virtual workshops on topics like healthy relationships and mental health, write blogs to start important dialogues within the South Asian community and be a part of a close cohort of social justice-minded individuals who are devoted to service in their everyday lives.

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Become a University Ambassador

The Saheli Ambassadorship is a low time commitment opportunity to get involved with promoting Saheli’s mission statement at your college or university. Being an Ambassador enables you to plan and implement workshops on the topics of mental health and healthy relationships at your college or university. While Saheli will provide experts to lead the workshops, as an Ambassador you will be tasked with helping make a workshop successful.

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Apply for an Internship

As an intern for Saheli, you will have the opportunity to take on tasks that will help advance your skills in writing, reading, research, time management, and leadership. This is also an opportunity to work towards addressing gender-based oppression in the South Asian community. The Internship is offered three times a year and you may apply for any semester (Summer, Fall, or Spring). Depending on the timing of your internship, the tasks may vary to meet the requirements of the organization.

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