Ramila Thakkar

Advisory Committee Vice chairPerson

Ramila is the Vice Chairperson of the Advisory Committee

She is a past President of Gurjar Gujarati Association of New England, where she served on the board for last 25 years, from 1994 to 2019.

With Gurjar she held various positions, concluding with her second term as a President before retiring in 2019. Prior to joining Gurjar she was with Sishu Bharti for 10 years, (Culture and language school  in Burlington),where she spend 10 years, first as a kindergarten teacher then was on the school committee for the last two years.

Gurjar won the NECA award during her Presidency, as the best community organization in New England. Ramila was also in the top twenty for the Women Of The year Award, organized by INE Multimedia, led by Dr. Manju Sheth.

She’s core member of the Finance team at Lahey Clinic Hospital in Burlington for the last 37 years. A graduate of St. Mary’s College in Shillong, Meghalaya in India, she subsequently attended Bentley College for her accounting studies.

Community service comes natural to her, as a child was taught that ‘giving’ was better than ‘taking’. Her passion is reading and languages

Ramila is a resident of Burlington since 1981 lives with her husband, Praful, She has a daughter who lives in Pennsylvania with her family.