Tanu Debasri Basu


Tanu Basu is an educator, social worker, creative artist and a senior recruiting/HR management professional and holds degrees in English, Education and Dance. She has always acted as an aide in achieving the desired goal of the people she works for, with pride and success. She firmly believes in discipline, orderliness, meticulousness, integrity, sincerity, loyalty, dynamism and above all, dedication, passion and love for her work and service to the community.

As a community facilitator, Tanu strives to “connect”. In addition to serving in Saheli board, she also serves in the board of directors for ace community organizations like IAGB & IAB. Tanu also volunteers in homeless shelters, retirement homes, hospice facilities and Emergency Departments of multiple hospitals in the Greater Boston area.

Tanu feels strongly about equity & inclusion for women and stands tall against domestic violence. She strives to address, assist, and achieve the safety, empowerment, and well-being of women through efficiency measures and effectiveness measures within the community at large.