Renu Tewarie

Co-Executive Director

Renu Tewarie is Saheli’s Co-Executive Director. She has been a domestic violence prevention advocate at Saheli for many years. She has degrees in psychology and Hindi. She served as an educator for 15 years as the Principal at Shishu Bharati, Walpole, a school for Indian languages and culture. At various times Renu has been a professor of Hindi at Brandeis University, and a class dean and teacher at an international school in Geneva, Switzerland. Having taught children and adults of all ages has enabled Renu to develop strong communication and counseling skills in her role as a domestic violence prevention advocate. Renu has provided domestic violence response services to women and connected them to resources, conducted outreach to women in six towns and cities, helped run support groups for mothers at Faxon Commons, organized games and activities for children at support group meetings, distributed brochures and materials about Saheli to raise awareness about domestic violence. In addition, Renu has assisted with managing the Saheli helpline, translated literature for Saheli from English to Hindi. She currently coordinates Saheli’s activities on South Shore and provides support, referrals to survivors, and connects them with other agencies. Renu is a certified Hindi Medical Interpreter and freelances for Catholic Charities.