If you have been subjected, by your husband or family member, to any of  the abusive actions listed on earlier pages: Know that there is noting wrong with you and you are not alone – You do not have to suffer in silence to be  a good wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister or friend. Violence does not end without help, in fact, it becomes worse and occurs more often.

Continuing to live in an abusive situation is not good for you or your children. Your immigration status does not depend on staying with your husband. You should also be aware of your rights:

  • You have the right NOT to be abused.
  • You have the right to be angry about past abuse/beatings
  • You have a right to choose to change the situation
  • You have a right to freedom from fear and abuse
  • You have the right to safety and independence
  • You have a right to leave the battering environment
  • You have a right express your own thoughts and be treated like a adult
  • You have a right to share you feelings with others and not be isolated
  • You have the right to say no to sex, even with your husband
  • You have the right to request and expect assistance from the police and social agencies.

Facts about domestic violence:

  • Domestic violence is a crime regardless of your immigration status
  • Authorities WILL enforce laws on behalf of illegal/undocumented immigrants
  • Legal protections like restraining orders are available to all victims of domestic regardless of their immigrant status
  • While it’s not easy, it is possible to get political asylum in the United States as a survivor of domestic violence.