Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you are in a healthy relationship or an abusive one.  We receive many mixed messages from our family and friends. South Asian traditions tell women to do their “duty” towards husbands, sons and in-laws. Besides, all couples fight occasionally. How do you know what is part of a normal relationship and what is abuse?

In Healthy Relationships: there is partnership, communication, economic equality, respect, physical safety, and support and trust.  

  • You feel SAFE  and comfortable with each other
  • Communication is open – you listen to each other and decide issues together
  • You express feeling without fear of your partner’s reactions
  • Rules/boundaries are defined yet there is flexibility to change as needed
  • Both have meaningful relationships and hobbies outside the marriage
  • You DO NOT try to CHANGE or CONTROL your partner
  • You can say “no” WITHOUT fear or guilt
  • Each partner is responsible for his or her own actions
  • Each partner can enjoy being alone and privacy is RESPECTED