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Use online self assessment tools to identify whether you need to reach out for help. We especially recommend the self assessments on Depression, Anxiety and PTSD. Other assessments are available in the link below.

Reach a Saheli advocate at or Call us for a referral 1-­866-­472-­4354

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Our health is not simply divided between physical and mental domains. It is a complex system in which our physical and mental selves are integrated and one that also interacts with our environment and circumstances. In particular, women who suffer domestic abuse and violence may experience a range of emotions ranging from fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness, worries and isolation. For some individuals these feelings may impact upon their physical health and they may report changes in sleep, changes in appetite, increased muscle tension, headaches, nausea and just an overall feeling of not being one’s usual self.

Saheli, Support and Friendship for South Asian Women and Families  has nearly two decades of experience providing services including physical and mental health support to survivors of domestic violence. Below are descriptions of common mental health challenges you may face and some ways to obtain help.

If you need physical or mental health support please call SAHELI at 1-866-472-4354 and speak to an advocate. Saheli can share the names and contact information of professionals whom you can contact for yourself and your family. If you have a primary care physician, please contact her or him to arrange an appointment and ask for a referral for mental health services.

Some of the materials are available in Urdu language and Hindi Language, and we will continue to add more in common South Asian languages soon.



How  Domestic Violence Affects Emotional and Mental Health


Mental Health Resources Specific to South Asians


Self Care


Saheli’s Support Group, GupShup

In Burlington: Runs twice each year in fall and spring, for women from Asian backgrounds. Held at Saheli Office, 11 Bedford Street, Burlington, MA 01803. Write to for details. Registration is required. The support group runs if more than 6 women register.

In Quincy: Runs twice each year in fall and spring, for women only,  women from all races, ethnicities and social class are welcome. Held at a convenient location near Quincy Center. Write to Registration is required. The support group runs if more than 6 women register.

Click here for more information about Saheli’s Support Groups.


Referrals to Mental Health providers

A Mental Health Resource Directory compiled by Saheli is available at 11 Bedford Street, Burlington, MA 01803

Saheli offers referral services to several local clinicians who speak South Asian languages or are culturally skilled in helping South Asians. To speak to a trained advocate, call 1-866-4SAHELI  or write to:


Please see Saheli’s Resource Page for a list of organizations and further information about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Women Abandoned Overseas, Organizations In South Asia, Children and Youth, Transitional Housing and Legal Assistance, Substance Abuse, Health, Senior Citizens, Disabled People, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Empowerment.