Saheli recognizes that South Asian women and families need an array of interventions to recover from crises and get back on their feet.

Whether you contact Saheli yourself, through a friend, a Police Department or e-mail know that: Saheli will create a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment for you and arrange a range of free, culturally sensitive, language-specific information and support services. We will listen and educate you about your options with the goal to help empower you by making well informed decisions, and become self-sufficient, healthy and free from  abuse and violence.


Saheli is pleased to offer two major programs and several supporting programs:

      1.      Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention


On an on-going basis, Saheli also provides:



Please note that Saheli is an organization run predominately by volunteers, therefore not all services will be available in each situation. Your Saheli case manager will work with you to determine the best course of action for your personal circumstances.
  • Help with safety planning for women in abusive relationships

  • Counseling for Immigration and visa issues of survivors

  • Advice on how ato obtain copies of important documents

  • Referrals to legal aid for child custody, child support or divorce

  • Referrals to psychological support from culturally-sensitive mental health professionals

  • Assistance to obtain emergency shelter for survivors and their children

  • Help with restraining orders against violent partners or spouses

  • Help with reporting abuse including filing incident reports

  • Interpretation (for most common South Asian languages) and advocates for court or other proceedings

  • Emergency cash assistance to victims of violence

  • Free cell phones through the Verizon Hopeline Program

  • Counseling and South Asian languages with social workers and professionals

  • Assistance with children with emotional and educational challenges

Community Services:

  • Support groups for women in abusive relationships

  • Free Computer literacy classes in Walthama and Quincy

  • Assistance in acquiring skills, financial literacy, employment and educational opportunities

  • Cultural sensitivity training for Local Police Departments

  • Local events on key issues faced by the South Asian Community (for example, women's health, intergenerational dialogue, etc.)