Celebrating Indian Independence Day August 2016

Saheli volunteers celebrated India Independence Day organized by the India Society of Worcester on August 14, 2016. The ISW Crises Committee was generous and donated a free table to Saheli. This allowed Saheli to undertake a survey of South Asian community needs and get to know partners and members of the ISW Crises Committee. Thank you.

The next day, August 15th,  Saheli participated in the celebrations of the India Association of Greater Boston at the Hatch Shell in Boston. IAGB also allowed Sahelis to share their table. Dr. Anupam Wali presented a brief introduction to Saheli’s work in the community and mentioned that Saheli was completing 20 years of free community service. As temperatures soared into the high nineties, seven brave volunteers and board members distributed surveys, brochures, and talked to the visitors at the Saheli table. Water bottles, hand sanitizers, pens and bracelets were hot items. South Asians stayed away from the Saheli table this year because we were in the sun. Even after the sun set, the temperature remained in the high eighties. Regardless, it was great fun to see the community and answer their questions about Saheli.


Indian women soldiers Independence

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