Healthy Food, Healthy Relationships

Healthy Food, Healthy Relationships is a joint initiative by Saheli and CHNA 15. The program encourages couples to work as a team in preparing meals thus encouraging positive interactions and communication. Saheli held two sessions of the program in December and January. The discussions were led by Dr. Sukanya Ray, an expert professional with knowledge of family relationships, and healthy living and Sangeeta Pradhan a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

The presentation and discussion by Sangeeta Pradhan centered around healthy eating for body and mind. This was followed by a discussion by Dr. Ray on the elements of healthy relationships that included micro-aggression at work and home. She stressed the importance of communication and collaboration among couples. The interactive workshop encouraged couples to share their experiences along with exploring new opportunities to create a positive climate at work and home. Using food, health information and challenges at the workplace, Dr. Ray initiated a healthy conversation and open up about their relationships. The program also featured a healthy menu designed by Sangeeta Pradhan. The participants were provided with relevant articles and information that supplemented the discussion and included recipes for the menu that was featured.

You can still be a part of the program by RSVPing for the sessions to be held on Feb 8 and March 8.

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