India Day, IAGB Boston

Sunday, August 20, 2017.

About a dozen Sahelis showed up to celebrate India Day at the Hatch Shell. This year Saheli’s had a beautiful green canopy tent to shade us from the strong August sun. Saved our skin!!

2017 was special because Saheli volunteer and youth leader Neil Gandhi was chosen for a prestigious award as a Community Youth Leader. Congratulations, Neil, truly well deserved.

Many women, girls and men stopped by the Saheli table to chat. About 10 women signed up to volunteer for Saheli and Savitha, our new co-ed,  will be reaching out to them next week. The IAGB cultural show was very well organized, and inclusive of many diverse ethnic communities. Under the creative leadership of Ms. Zehra Khan IAGB presented a beautiful program brochure. Saheli’s ad and the announcement of Nirbhaya are shown in the brochure. Please see it at:

Click here for Program brochure (
India Day 2017
Thank you Jaya Voruganti and your team for the great work you are doing for the community and your many new initiatives.

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