Manisha Bhatt, Past Advisory Committee Member, Chosen Woman of the Year 2017

Saheli is proud to share the news that Attorney Manisha Bhatt, of Greater Boston Legal Services was chosen the INEN Woman of the Year.

Manisha is a past member of the Saheli Advisory Committee, a person to whom Saheli clients have gone to for free legal services in immigration, family law, employment disputes, and social security and disability issues for over a decade.

Manisha has spent hundreds of hours with Saheli’s clients, well beyond the call of duty. She has, on her own, been a passionate legal educator and organized the “Know Your Rights” annual series of workshops freely offered to South Asians for over a decade. Manisha is a past President of the South Asian Bar Association and a compassionate supporter of women and the South Asian community. Manisha, you make Saheli proud to know you.


Read more about Manisha at Lokvani

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