October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month – Presidents Proclamation

Presidents Proclamation

“The physical and emotional scars of domestic violence can cast a long shadow. Too many individuals, regardless of age, ability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, circumstance, or race, face the pain and fear of domestic violence. During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we shine a light on this violation of the basic human right to be free from violence and abuse, pledge to ensure every victim of domestic violence knows they are not alone, and foster supportive communities that help survivors seek justice and enjoy full and healthy lives…”  – from the Proclamation of the President of the United States – National Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2016

Throughout October the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence has been elevating the voices of survivors, lifting up resiliency and healing as a 
transformative response to domestic violence, supporting self-care in advocacy, revisiting the passion that fuels our movement, and embracing new directions for bold and intentional social change work.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month evolved from the “Day of Unity” held in October 1981. The U.S. Congress first designating October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in 1989 and every year since.

Visit the Domestic Violence Awareness Project website to find training resources, strategies for engaging with media around domestic violence, downloadable artwork and more.

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