Resources for Understanding Gender-Based Violence

By Gouri Banerjee, Board President

The Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence (API-GBV) has recently updated some excellent resources that will be of interest to all agencies working with Asian people.

In the section entitled “Resources | Publications |Research |Statistics,” they spotlight some excellent materials which include, for example:

The Directory of Domestic and Gender Violence Programs was updated in September 2016. It lists information about 160 API-serving community agencies across the United States and its territories. This directory is very helpful when women call for help from out of state or from overseas. On page 132, the directory lists, in detail, all the services provided by Saheli Boston — including shelter, support and legal services, types of abuse, specialized services, the communities served, and language capacity — and information about how to contact the agency. There is a wealth of information in this resource directory about both the well-known large South Asian agencies such as Sakhi (NY), Manavi (NJ), and Maitri (CA), and many lesser-known agencies that serve South Asians. You may find this resource directory very helpful.

Included also is an International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies. For example, there are listings for Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and other countries, as well as lists of NGOs doing important social service work. The website has statistics, research papers and a wealth of information that is worth checking out.

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