Saheli launches “Housing Stabilization Program” in support of survivors facing homelessness and housing insecurity

January 12th, 2021

Saheli is proud to announce the launch of its official “Housing Stabilization Program” beginning this month, January 2021 as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Saheli has served survivors in Massachusetts and surrounding communities with non-judgmental culturally sensitive domestic violence services. The organization has expanded greatly to include support groups, economic empowerment program, financial literacy, legal advocacy. Throughout the years, Saheli has also provided housing support on a case-by-case basis.

With the onset of the pandemic and subsequent housing crisis, Saheli has responded by launching a formalized housing program: short-term emergency stay, rental assistance, flexible fund payments, and housing advocacy. The short-term emergency stay, facilitated through a contract with Extended Stays, provides survivors with emergency shelter for a short period to prevent immediate threats of homelessness and personal safety. Rental assistance will meet a portion of survivor’s rent whereas flexible funds will provide a one-time cash assistance for survivors to meet an immediate need. All survivors will receive housing advocacy to support their long-term housing stabilization and economic empowerment.

While Saheli remains committed to developing a shelter housing model in the future, after examining the needs of the community and further policy research, the Housing Stabilization model was found to be best suited at this time to meet the multifaceted needs of Saheli’s survivors.

Since launching the program this month, Saheli has already supported a number of survivors in meeting their housing needs and avoiding potential homelessness. We look forward to the program’s growth in the coming year. Saheli extends a sincere thanks to our donors and supporters from the Nirbhaya 2019 fundraiser, wherein Saheli vowed to create a housing intervention program. Due to your generous support and commitment, Saheli is able to support our survivors and bring awareness and compassion into our community and for that we are truly grateful.

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