Saheli’s Summer Fundraiser

Donate to Saheli’s Matching Grant Campaign

Thanks to a challenge grant from The Lenny Zakim Fund, you have the opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR DONATION!

For 25 years, Saheli has helped immigrant survivors of domestic violence transform their lives and helped them and their children live a life free from fear and abuse. Saheli’s Domestic Violence (DV) Crisis Fund provides survivors of domestic violence immediate financial assistance for emergency accommodation, groceries, medicines, diapers and more, as they start their new life free from abuse. The requests for Saheli DV crisis funds have seen a marked increase this year as survivors grapple with the dual effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and domestic violence.
You can help today!
 Thanks to a challenge grant from The Lenny Zakim Fund, your donation will be matched dollar to dollar! We need to raise $5,000 for our goal of $10,000 by September 15, 2021! Help us get there by making a donation below. And don’t stop there–help spread the word! Tell five or more friends how important our efforts at Saheli are and how they can double their dollars by making a donation now.

Your gift towards Saheli’s DV Crisis Fund will be life-changing for the many survivors who lack the basic resources and finances to make a better life for themselves and their children. 

We are grateful to those of you who have already given, you are truly making a difference!


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