A Poem To All Saheli Volunteers

By Salita Mehta, Saheli Domestic Violence Advocate
You are kindness!11707730_1644949882385034_3918171943549989834_o
You are goodness!
A Saheli most sincere
A dedicated volunteer.
A helping hand, a good Friend
Like a straight line, that will not bend
Helping the needy till the end
A fount of compassion
Are you,
IMG_6640Forever sharing information.
A guiding hand
And loving arms
Wrapping in warmth
A whole community
From inside out
Forever working hard!
Giving of yourself for no Gain
Not for riches, not for fameIMG_5284.JPG
Not even for community acclaim
Always striving, for a better world
Creating a haven free of pain!

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