Chakra Healing & Meditation 101

Jayakar Chakra_TUFTS_FllyerJoin chakra healing expert Smita Jayakar in this peaceful workshop to reduce stress and anxiety. Saheli aims to bring attention to and alleviate mental and emotional health issues in the South Asian community, and here is an opportunity to do just that.
Smita has over thirty years of experience in the areas of yoga, meditation, reiki, kundalini energy, advanced Pranic healing, chakra healing, and access consciousness. She approaches chakra meditation and healing as a science, having held many corporate workshops in India (including in the Indian Parliament) in which she gives simple explanations of how the system works. She says, “The message is simple- to tap universal energies and balance your internal body chakras, and uniquely and intelligently connect with the truth of your own being.”
Check out the website: and be sure to RSVP by April 21.
Contact Nandita Kotian at and (203)-979-5499.

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