Computer Literacy Classes in Quincy End

Adult Literacy Tech Classes


Vandana Sharma, Saheli South Shore Coordinator


Saheli concluded its ninth session of free Tech Literacy classes on the South Shore on May 31st. Saheli offered weekly Open Lab in January and continued spring classes for 12 weeks from March through May.  Of the twenty-five participants in Open Lab several were South Asian women. Spring classes followed and offered basic training in Excel and Publisher.  Many participants mentioned that after they finished the basic classes, their performance at work improved and they gained new skills for job search and personal development.  The second half offered classes in Social Media and safety features for online computer use.  The course focused upon basic skills and gaining more control over profiles, privacy and building knowledge of several social media applications. Of the eighteen participants, fifteen received certificates of completion.  Eighteen students received certificates of completion in May.

Four wonderful volunteers served as teachers and a team of eight aides assisted. More details in our blog at

Graduation certificates in session 1 were awarded by long time volunteers Mary Mathews and Chandra Chakrabarti. In session 2 certificates were awarded by Saheli Governing Board Member Tanvi Devimane, the Assistant Director of Thomas Crane Public Library Clayton Cheever, and South Shore Coordinator Vandana Sharma.

Please see our website for more details. The Quincy classes have ended temporarily. Waltham classes start up in the Fall. Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the Public Library.

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