Domestic Violence Advocates Training Enhanced

Several improvements were made to the services offered by Saheli under the leadership of Usha Vakil. Led by Rita Shah, Family Services Coordinator, and Salita Mehta, Domestic Violence Advocate, nine Sahelis, both old and new volunteers received training and instruction for a bold outreach program starting April 1, 2015. Volunteers were given helpful resources, each advocate chose the towns they would work in, and they were paired up with a senior Saheli member. The outreach program is a part of Saheli’s 2015 strategic plan and is off to a good start. Lata Rao, senior advocate, will be the coordinator of the program and will have outreach materials available for those who want to participate. Nine new volunteers are receiving training at Dove in Quincy, Daybreak in Worcester, and Reach in Waltham. If you are interested in volunteering with Saheli in its DV program, please contact Rita or Salita for details or write to The domestic violence prevention program needs volunteers.

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