Lenny Zakim Provides Training to Sahelis

Lenny Zakim FundSaheli is fortunate to have received the support of the Lenny Zakim Fund for three years in a row. Not only did Sahelis benefit from their generous funding, but we also participated in their wonderful educational seminars and learned how to manage non-profit organizations more effectively. For example, we attended Making Budgets in Non-Profit Organizations, Rewards and Recognition of People, how to decide who is a Volunteer, Intern and Independent Contractor.

The mission of The Lenny Zakim Fund is to identify, listen to, support and connect grassroots community organizations and programs operating “below the radar screen” of large charitable groups and government grants. They provide assistance to those who demonstrate the will and potential to make a difference, but lack the necessary resources. Saheli thanks the Lenny Zakim Fund for their support.

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