Mother-Daughter Volunteer Spotlight: Binu & Meghana

By Mani Dixit

This mother-daughter volunteer duo is doing wonders for Saheli. Earlier this year, Binu Gopinathan joined Saheli as Binu&Meghanavolunteersa volunteer to be part of our writing volunteer group and after having volunteered with Saheli for some time, she inspired her daughter, Meghana, to join Saheli as a volunteer. Meghana, a 13-year-old artist is now helping Saheli through providing her thought-provoking art to Saheli and allowing Saheli to have 50% of the proceeds from purchases of some of her artwork.

The following is an interview given by Meghana.

Who inspired you to join Saheli?

My mom, Binu Gopinathan told me about what Saheli does. This inspired me to create my painting titled “Abused”, which I gave to Saheli.

What is your favorite experience or memory being a volunteer at Saheli?

Meeting new people and sharing each other’s life experience. Talking to people about my art. They are always curious to know more about me and my art. Saheli also gave me the opportunity to showcase my work in my first charity show with them.

How did you get involved in painting?

Painting is an inseparable part of my life. I realized that I was born to be an artist when I was a toddler.  I did my first painting on a bigger canvas when I was nine. And, this painting still remains my masterpiece today.

My paintings have been picked from elementary school for exhibiting at several places.  I am very thankful to my parents and to God for all the support and encouragement I have gotten from them. My parents have been the backbone of my success.

“What advice do you have for others who are interested in volunteering for Saheli?”

I feel extremely happy to be associated with Saheli with my work, and I encourage others to join Saheli and help Saheli end domestic violence.


Saheli is so proud to have this mother-daughter duo serve as Volunteers! If you would like to volunteer for Saheli, please visit our website and fill out our Volunteer application.


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