Renu Tewarie, Principal of Shishu Bharti, South Shore, speaks to Saheli members

On June 10th South Shore Coordinator Vandana Sharma created an event at which Renu Tewarie, the principal of Shishu Bharati, a school of languages and culture of India, spoke. Renu began by sharing the history of Shishu Bharati. She spoke about the need for children who are born and/or brought up in US to learn about Indian languages and culture and passed out her flyers to make us aware of things like class timings, fees, 3 locations of the school, eligibility for enrolling,etc., Then two speakers from Parent Professional Advocacy League (PPAL) spoke about children’s mental health issues. Norma P. Mora the Outreach Coordinator from PPAL and her colleague gave  a detailed description of the services they provide to parents and professionals to better understand their children and identify the mental and emotional challenges that they might be facing. They distributed brochures about their services. It was very educative and created a much needed awareness about children’s mental health and the way we have to approach it. Next we discussed the schedule and what needs to be done for the coming meetings. We ended the meeting with lunch. Keerthana.Anand

RenuEvent1 RenuEvent2

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