Saheli Opens New Office in Burlington

By Mariya Taher, Saheli Program Coordinator

Home is where the heart is. I’m not sure who said that first, but for Saheli, this expression couldn’t be truer, as the organization welcomes the opening of Saheli’s new office in Burlington this May. 11 Bedford Street, Burlington, MA, 01803There is still some work to be done, making sure furniture arrives, a private room for domestic violence advocates to meet with survivors of domestic violence is set up, resource materials for those seeking support are properly placed throughout the office, and much more. But for those amazing Saheli Board members, staff, and volunteers who couldn’t be more excited to have a beautiful location across from Burlington Common to be able to meet with survivors, host monthly board meetings and public general meetings, the heart is there, and they are eager to set-up the office.DV Advocates Salita Mehta and Rita Shaw meeting at the new office.


The 900 sq. foot new office is located on the first floor at 11 Bedford Street, right next to the Burlington Recreation Center, and on the other side of the Burlington Commons, can be found the Burlington Public Library, and the Burlington Police Department, organizations Saheli partners with often. The Saheli office will be covered by a domestic violence advocate and a staff or board member on Monday -Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm daily starting in August. All those seeking services will be encouraged to come into the office to meet with our trained advocates.


Saheli is truly lucky to have supporters in the community, who without their generous donations, we would not be able to afford this safe place to work with South Asian Families in need of support. To learn more about the new office, check out the article that was published in the India New England.

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