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A Special Presentation on Child Development with a focus upon Socioeconomic and Academic Issues by Clinicians Nisha Kagal & Renee Yu of South Shore Mental Health Hospital

Vandana Sharma, Saheli’s South Shore DV Advocate organized a special presentation on May 20th at the FaxonCommons Apartment Complex. Fifteen women participated in a very interactive presentation by Asian clinicians.The meeting started with a presentation on child development, parent-child interactions and child mental health. The guest speaker took us through the various stages in a child’s growth year by year, what to expect during each year, how to solve the problems that parents face with their children and how to take care of their mental health. The other guest speaker told us about the various therapies and services that they are offering.  After the presentation, many moms raised questions regarding this topic and got them clarified. Then we had a grand potluck with amazing dishes and desserts. Everyone enjoyed the food . The kids had a great time too. Keerthana Anand.

If you would like to participate or make presentations in future South Shore events please contact Saheli at


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