WBUR Radio features Saheli’s Rita Shah on Delhi Rape Case

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Radio Boston on WBUR 90.9 interviewed Saheli’s Family Services Coordinator, Rita Shah, yesterday to find out how the South Asian community in Boston is reacting to the horrific rape and murder of a young medical student in Delhi.

WBUR radio interview: Local Reaction To Indian Gang Rape

The young woman was attacked onboard a bus while returning home from seeing a movie with a friend, who was also severely beaten. She was transported to Singapore for medical care, but later died from her injuries, inflicted upon her with an iron rod by a group of six men.

Tens of thousands of Indians have come out to demand justice. They have been confronted by police firing tear gas and water cannons, blocking off major parts of the city to deter the growing protests. The police have been heavily criticized for their lack of action when it comes to rape and violence against women. Despite some of the highest rates of sexual violence in Asia taking place in India, few rapists are charged with crimes, let alone convicted.

In response to the protests, the government has set up a special court to fast-track cases of violence agdelhi protestsainst women.

Saheli has responded to the tragedy by rallying the South Asian community to express its solidarity with the victims’ families and its condemnation of violence against South Asian women. Saheli members participated in a candlelight vigil in Harvard Square and organized a conference call to encourage discussion and contemplation of this terrible tragedy.

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