Domestic Homicides Can Be Prevented

In a thought provoking article, the Patriot Ledger presented two articles in October 2018 about homicide and domestic violence. In the second article, shown at this link,

they provide more advise on how to prevent death from domestic violence.

Making the case for early intervention, that is, not waiting until the crime has actually been committed, Toni Troop of Jane Doe, Inc. a state-wide coalition against sexual assault and domestic violence stated, “Domestic violence homicides are among the most predictable, and therefore the most preventable, of all homicides because there are patterns that can be identified.”

“Initially, the violence is often about trying to get her back, but if that’s not possible, it becomes about wanting to kill her,” said Adams, who is also co-founder of the Emerge batterers’ intervention program in Cambridge.

Please read this excellent article by people who work right here in Massachusetts and know how women killed every day by domestic abusers.

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