Honoring a Saheli Volunteer: Jonjy Ananth

Written by Salita Mehta

In 2015, Saheli made a really innovative move, the organization hired male volunteers and arranged state-mandated DV training for them! Kudos to Saheli for taking this step!



The young man in the picture above is Jonjy Ananth MD, MBA.  He was the first young man to join the organization in this capacity.

In answer to the question, “What inspires you to volunteer?”

He responded “Volunteering is in my blood and helping people is my passion. Some time back, I started volunteering as a doctor at free clinics in the Shrewsbury/Worcester area. I also joined ISW’s Crisis Committee. Additional volunteer activities include Deputy Sheriff (reserve), Notary Public and WCUW 91.3FM (VP, Board of Directors”.

When asked why he decided to volunteer with Saheli. He replied, “I am a staunch supporter of women’s health, well-being and empowerment…I joined Saheli because I believe that culturally competent services are an important pillar of providing individualized care.  The Saheli team is very dedicated to make this happen. “

Since joining Saheli as a volunteer, he has worked with survivors doing safety planning and conducting risk assessment of their situations. His familiarity with government resources around Worcester has been of invaluable service to the survivors who need to access resources: such as financial assistance; social support; healthcare services; and legal aid including U visas, and other immigration issues. He is also well versed in the functioning of police departments around his area and is able to reduce the fear of law enforcement prevalent amongst most immigrant women.

Jonjy also spends time volunteering with Saheli’s Men’s Initiative.  He attends events to encourage men to recognize domestic violence, its prevalence, cultural practices and its impact on intimate partner relationships.  He educates them about the different lifestyle choices available to them.

We’re so proud to have him as a Saheli Volunteer! If you would like to volunteer for Saheli, please contact info@saheliboston.org for more information.

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