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To use writing as a tool for highlighting gender issues within the South Asian community including, but not limited to gender identity, gender violence, survivor support, and healthy relationships. To educate and spread awareness of these issues amongst the South Asian population in specific, and general population at large. Through this writing group, we are hoping to center the voices of South Asian women, femmes, and survivors especially given that these voices are historically (and currently) silenced.

The writers group invites short essays on any aspect of South Asian culture in connection with the mission of Saheli, which is “to create safe and healthy lives free from violence”. Please present article topics for consideration by Saheli Staff and Board. Topics may include:

• Reviews of books (fiction and non-fiction) dealing with the topic of gender
• Reviews of movies (feature and documentary) or music from the perspective of gender issues
• Research on gender issues, such as domestic violence, economic empowerment for women, women/girls in diaspora, immigration policies and the impacts on South Asian survivors, etc.
• Personal narratives that engage experience of gender
• Information on Saheli events, programs, or outreach work (including interviews with Saheli volunteers, staff, board members, and survivors (if they give consent).ID-10045227

Who Can Join:
Anyone can join. You do not need to be of South Asian ethnicity, nor do you have to identify as a female. All genders are welcomed to contribute to the Writer’s Group. The only requirement is that you must go through the normal volunteer process, and submit a volunteer application. You can do so by going here –

Write 1 article per every 4 months for a commitment of 1 year. In other words, contribute 3 articles per year. (If you have concerns with the time commitment, please e-mail and let us know).

Write Up Requirements:
1) The write-ups can range from 500-1000 words. The write-ups can focus on local events (i.e. Northeast USA) or global events, including, but not limited to South Asia.

2)Articles must be written in size 12 font in Times New Roman or Calibri. Please include a title for the article and your byline.

3) Run the article topic by Mariya ( or Aruna ( first to make sure it falls in line with Saheli’s mission. They can also connect with you others in the organization who might be able to help provide you with information for the article.

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