“Know Your Rights” Classes Start March 28

know your rights
SABA GB’s Know Your Rights class will start on Monday March 28 and will continue each Monday (except for Patriots Day) until May 9.  The classes are from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Waltham Public Library in the Trustee’s room, located on the second floor of the Library. Each class is taught by a lawyer or a judge who is an expert in that field of law.  A  full indian dinner is always served during the class so no one has to worry about their dinner that evening.  Parking is free at the library after 6pm.  There is no charge for anyone to attend these classes, and the only request is that the people who choose to enroll in the class sincerely participate by regularly attending the classes and most importantly, spread that knowledge within the community when they encounter someone in need of help.

Contact Attorney Manisha Bhatt to register for the classes: mbhatt@gbls.org

Here is the class schedule with the topic that will be covered in each class:
Monday March 28:  Bankruptcy: Is it ever a good idea to declare bankruptcy? What are the benefits? What should I know about the repercussions about declaring bankruptcy? Is my whole financial future destroyed if I am faced with this? What does bankruptcy REALLY mean?
Monday April 4: Fair Wage and Hour Law/Workplace Safety: What are my rights as an employee in terms of meal brakes, working overtime, working for time and a half pay? What do I do if my employer does not pay me as we have agreed? What can I do if the place that I work has some unsafe conditions? What happens to me if I get injured while I am working?
Monday April 11: Overview of the Court System and Legislative Advocacy: Why are there so many different courts in Massachusetts? How do I know which court to go to if I need to actually go to Court? What is the way that a bill becomes a law in Massachusetts? Who is my legislator? Do they really care what I think? How can I contact them? Should I really get involved in politics?
Monday April 25: Domestic Workers: Who is a domestic worker? What should I do if I need to hire a domestic worker in my home? I know someone who is a domestic worker- what should I tell them about their rights in case they feel that they are not treated well by the person who hired them? What if they are not getting paid for the work that they are doing?
Monday May 2:Trusts and Estates and Elder Law/Nursing Home Rights/Issues: Do I need a will? Do I need an estate plan? What are estate taxes and how can I avoid them? In addition to a will- are there other documents that I should know about? What happens if someone dies and they don’t have a will? What do I do if someone in my family needs to go to a nursing home? Is there something that I should know about in choosing a nursing home? What about assisted living? Are there home health services that are available to me? What services are available to senior citizens free of charge and how can I access those services?
Monday May 9: Health and Disability Law: When do I qualify for Medicare/Medicaid? Why is Medicare such a complicated system? I can’t afford health insurance- what do I do? What are my rights to healthcare? What is Obamacare and how does it impact me? What are disability benefits? I have a disability- can I qualify for disability? I’ve been paying into social security for years- what are the benefits that I will get one day? When do I qualify for social security?

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