Proceeds from Syna’s Collection to Support Saheli’s Nirbhaya 2015 Fundraiser

Syna’s Collection completed two years of its existence in March’ 2015. With all the success the business has received in the past two years, Syna’s Collection is very grateful to the Asian Community of New England and to its clients worldwide. 11904727_863174360403193_1680257184308770812_n

With the completion of two years, Syna Bhuva, face behind Syna’s Collection, and title holder of Miss Jr. Pre-teen Boston, took her first step towards giving back to community by donating a portion of profit from the sales made in May 2015 towards Nepal Relief Fund.

To continue supporting the community, Syna’s Collection is now collaborating with Saheli, Support and Friendship for South Asian Families. We will be donating a percentage of our profits from sales made between August 24th to September 30th 2015 towards Saheli’s ‘Nirbhaya’ – Life Free of Violence Fundraiser. This fundraiser, being held on September 18th, will benefit Saheli’s Economic Empowerment Program, which provides low-income women and families the tools and resources needed to live a safe, self-sustaining, and empowered life.


SAHELI is an organization dedicated to empowering South Asian women and their families in New England to lead safe and healthy lives. With over 19 years of experience, Saheli offers a range of pro-bono services geared specifically toward the challenges faced by South Asians and other immigrants. Saheli provides services in the areas of domestic violence, physical and mental health and safety, legal and immigration issues, career and economic empowerment.

‘Women’s Safety & Independence ’ is the subject of concern worldwide.

Lets work together and support this great cause!  Festive season is here and so is the reason to adorn yourself with beautiful ‘Customized Costume Jewelry’.

Shop at Syna’s Collection from August 24th until September 30th, and you’ll be supporting Saheli too!

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