Saheli Men Against Violence Initiative to Host Awareness Event on Aug. 15

(Original article posted in Indian New England on August 4, 2015)

QUINCY, MA–The Saheli Men Against Violence Initiative, a men’s group within Saheli Boston, is hosting an event on Aug. 15 in Quincy, MA, to raise awareness about domestic violence against women.Saheli Men Against Violence Initiative has been invited by Ragu Vaduka on behalf of the Corporate Cricket League to make a presentation on this issue to members of the league.
The event will be held at 12:30 pm on Aug. 15, at the sports fields at 56 Bucknell Street in Quincy.
Ramesh Advani, who heads Saheli’s Men Against Violence Initiative, said that group has embarked on a 2015 plan to expand its awareness by men of the South Asian Community who are committed to seeing healthy nurturing families flourish in Boston.
“The circle is growing to include many young men who refuse to be bystanders and are actively helping us spread the message. The cricket league in Quincy is one such group on the South Shore,” said Advani.
During the Aug. 15 event, Dr. Rohit Chandra will present a brief awareness raising thoughts and information on what Saheli Men Against Violence Initiative and Saheli are all about to the cricketers and others present and then open up for discussion.
“Ramesh Advani and I are very grateful to team members Sharon and Aaron Schiffer and Jonjy Ananth, without whose creativity, commitment to our mission, and sincerity, this would be a limited and less successful effort,” said Dr. Chandra. “Ragu Vaduka kindly invited us to the Corporate Cricket League, so that we could educate the cricketers about a problem facing our community, discuss with them what may be done about it, and let them know of available resources through Saheli for any suffering friends and family. Saheli volunteer Vandana Sharma and her team also need to be thanked for coming and providing us necessary support.”‘
Dr. Chandra said that domestic violence, and excessive control and power over one’s spouse in general, are problems which do afflict the South Asian-American community but are frequently hidden by shame, the hope that the partner will change, and a wish to avoid dishonoring the family.
“We hope to raise awareness of the existence and scope of the problem at this event, engage males of our community in our efforts to prevent and reduce suffering, and let all attendees know what resources Saheli can offer,” Dr. Chandra said.
In addition, on Sept. 18th, Saheli is hosting “Nirbhaya,” a gala fundraiser at the Westin Hotel in Waltham. It is organized under the leadership of Anu Chitrapu and Dr. Manju Sheth, and members of Saheli’s Advisory Committee. For more information on Nirbhaya, visit .

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