A Look at volunteers behind the scenes at Nirbhaya the Saheli Gala Fundraiser


Saheli’s Lata Rao is an advisory committee member, domestic violence advocate and outreach coordinator. In this important capacity Lata has a leadership position in acquiring sponsors for Saheli’s September Fundraiser and creating the Nirbhaya Program Brochure. Please support Saheli by contacting Lata at L_shetty@hotmail.com.
Saheli’s Gala Fundraiser is on Friday, September 18th at the Westin Hotel of Waltham at 6:30 pm. Information about the event is available at

Tickets and sponsorships are moving and your participation in greatly appreciated.

Lata is a committed volunteer who has been with Saheli for well over a decade. She has taken on several challenging projects. For example, she seeks funding support for Saheli by connecting Saheli to South Asian musical events, plays and theater. Lata coordinates relationships between the India Association of Greater Boston and its partner organization Saheli on Indian Independence Day in August and Republic Day in January. Recently, she started work with Rita Shah to reach out to law enforcement and community organizations in support of South Asian women who are going through a tough time.

Good volunteers are invaluable; they make the success of Saheli possible. Lata exemplifies hard work, courage and dedication to Saheli, congratulations and thank you for your commitment, Lata.

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