Saheli Plans for the next three years strategically

On Sunday November 9th, 2014 roughly 30 guests joined Saheli board and staff to share ideas about how Saheli can grow and improve its services over the next three years. The meeting was held at the Burlington Council of Aging and ended with a lunch provided by Saffron Grill.

Discussions were facilitated by strategic planner Hilary Marcus. For over one month selected members of the board spoke to leaders of ten other domestic violence and community service agencies to gain insights about how they navigated growth and change successfully. Then, as a group, thirty men and women  discussed the core services offered by Saheli, what the Saheli business model looks like, Saheli’s aspirations and the challenges ahead. Over the next two months the ideas generated by the meeting will be written up ans shared with the participants. If you are interested in the plans please feel free to write to

Anu-Manju Challenging Tasks David Knows the Way Geeta-Bonie Hilary and Team Neelam Planning for the Future Sahelis Supporters Develop a Strategic Plan

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