Saheli Sabha South Shore Celebrates Diwali and Halloween

Sunday October 26th, Saheli sponsored a Diwali Festival held at South School in Holbrook. A diverse South Asian group of performers participated in festivities organized by Vrindaban Preservation Society. Saheli hosted a table and South Shore coordinator Vandana organized a Ram Leela presentation while volunteer Eshita Chakravarti made videos. About 1800 people attended and Saheli brochures and information about South Shore Sabha’s Health & Wellness Groups, Saheli’s Men’s Initiative & Economic Empowerment Program, were distributed.


Saheli Sabha held its Halloween Trick for Treat Costume Party on October 28th in the Media room of Faxon Commons in Quincy.  Sixty-five families showed up during a 2-hour span and signed up for events organized by Saheli Sabha.  Brochures and information on Saheli’s work were exchanged during the time and children had a lot of fun showing off costumes and engaging in arts and crafts, tricks and snacks organized by Vandana, South Shore Coordinator.

Halloween 2014 Ramleela Drama 2014 Sabha Halloween1 Vandana and Sanjyot

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