Saheli Reaches Out to Bedford

Bedford, MA, celebrated its first Multicultural Festival on Sunday April 12 with vibrant colors, music, song and dance. It was an enthusiastic  and a welcoming group. Over eleven countries were represented among the dancers, singers, and speakers. Saheli hosted an information table and distributed literature on its direct services to victims of domestic violence, empowerment programs for women, and educational events organized by us. Over 30 South Asians picked up Saheli business cards, Nirbhaya fliers, and the brochure. Most happy were the girls from Bedford who loved the free bangles and spent a lot of time choosing the right colors. Saheli volunteers Vidya Bhide of Westford,  Annika Mazzu of Lexington and Gouri had a great time interacting with the friendly crowds.

If you would like to volunteer for the next community outreach event please write to

Events coming up: April 19th, Mega Health Expo, Burlington Marriott Hotel, 9-5 pm, volunteer for 2 hours.

May 17th, Saheli Sabha on the South Shore. Resilience in Teenagers: Navigating Two Cultures,  2 – 4 pm, Sage School, Foxboro.

A and little girls-1 Crowds Bedford-2 Saheli Vidya-3 Desis in Bedford5 South Asians Bedford-4 Saheli Table Bedford2-6


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