Sahelis Attend Health and Wellness Expo 2015

Saheli volunteers showed up in force at the 3rd Annual INE Multimedia Health and Wellness Expo. Ten Sahelis spoke to visitors, explained Saheli’s social work in the South Asian community, and signed up volunteers at the Saheli table. They had a lot of fun and got a chance to catchup up with each other as well. See Saheli’s website and saheliboston on Facebook for images.
The Health and Wellness Expo gets better and better each year. This year, introductions and speeches were kept very short by conference organizers, speakers were held to their time limits strictly, and Rekha Palriwalla did an excellent job keeping the audience quiet and respectful.

Health Expo

Vandana-Khushboo Saurabh-Annika2 Saurabh-Annika WholeTeam2 WholeTeam

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