Saheli’s South Shore Sabhas – Cricket & Dance

 ~ By Shwetha Shivu, an attendee of Quincy Sabha.
IMG_6905In the South Shore, Sabha had two sessions during the last half of the month of June. The first event consisted of a Women’s Cricket practice, an event that is part of an initiative to gather women for outdoor, physical activity.  All together, we had a nice group of 15-30 women who attended. The women in the group all felt excited to come out and learn about cricket, while also making friends in the process.  IMG_6640
The second Sabha event, on July 22, involved a classical dance demonstration by Sreeja Jayasankar, who is an instructor of many different styles of performing arts. She introduced us to the idea about how one can tell a story through beautiful movements in dance. She also explained that costumes have significant meaning in each style of Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam.
To follow her on Facebook, click on Passion of Dance From Sreeja Jayasankar. On her Facebook page, she speak in detail about the different styles of dance, and how each language has played a role in forming each dance style.
For myself, it was a stupendous experience to have Streeja come and instruct us in dancing. I started dancing when I was 8 years old, and continued it until I started engineering. I had really missed dance for those 7 years, and finally at the event, I got my fix with dance and memorized the routines.
Shreeja  started her dance journey at the age of four. At the sabha, she was so versatile and had such high energy. I loved watching all her dance forms, and enjoyed hearing her explanations of the story behind each dance style. Beyond the event itself, I enjoyed getting to meet new people, and the experiencing the Sabha.

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